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You are Iki, a tiny fey creature.
Your life begins and ends in the span of a single day.
And it's going to be wondrous, full, inspiring, romantic, adventurous, dramatic, joyful, sad ... meaningful.
You are going to be born, grown up, mature, grow old and eventually pass away. A full life, rich and vibrant, flowing with the hours of the day.

Ikigai is a game about finding meaning and fulfilment in the little things. It's about courage and discovery. It's about how life is transient, and how this is not a bad thing. It's about beginnings and ends, about growth and rebirth. About how grand and epic a tiny life can be.

Most people are afraid that this game could make them sad because the protagonist dies after what seems like a terribly short time.
But then they play.
And they smile.
Ikigai is a feel-good ride, getting to know a tiny amazing friend, making memories with them, watching them learn and grow, struggle and overcome. And eventually letting them go, but with a feeling of peace and joy because you got to know them, and they will now always be with you.
And then, sometimes, the end is not quite as we expect it to be...

- - - - - -

Born as an entry for the 200 Word RPG Challenge 2018 it was then developed into a full grown game. The PDF counts 12 pages that include a full actual play report, a printable Chronicle Sheet, and all the rules and explanations needed to play.

It's very friendly to new players and highly rewarding for experienced ones. 

Ikigai is:
- gmLess
- zero prep
- one-shot
- for 2-6 players


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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